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CCPA Disclosure for Provident Employees and Applicants
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Employee and Applicant California Consumer Privacy Statement | Provident Bank

Effective January 1, 2023
Provident Savings Bank, F.S.B., is committed to the responsible management, use, and protection of personal information. In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this document describes the types of data collected and for what purpose in connection with your job application and/or your employment with Provident.
Questions regarding the collection of data associated with job application or employment may be directed to the Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources/Administrative Officer, Deborah L. Hill, at (951) 782-6189.
Use of Information
Your personal information may be used for the purpose of:
Human Resources
  • Employment applications and background checks
  • Internal employee management
  • Corporate travel and other reimbursable expenses
  • Development and training
  • Absence monitoring
  • Timekeeping
  • Performance evaluation, including coaching and counseling
  • Administration of termination of employment
  • Reporting
  • Career planning, including succession planning
  • Talent management
  • Learning management
  • Other general administrative and human resources-related processes
  • Compensation, including incentives
  • Reporting
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Beneficiary details
  • Accounting
  • Document management and other similar services
  • Reporting financial information and financial background checks
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Planning and allocation of resources
  • Handling of maintenance
  • Visitor administration
  • Business cards and badges
Workplace Health and Safety
  • Security of working environment
  • Maintenance of occupational health records and programs
  • Keeping emergency contacts
  • Behavioral safety
  • Statutory reporting obligations
Compliance and Regulatory
  • Fulfillment of legal tasks including investigating and responding to claims against the company and its employees
  • Handling complaints
  • Audits
  • Third party due diligence systems
  • Operation of Confidential Financial Reporting (CFR) Hotline
  • Other purposes in relation to the above-mentioned services
Source of Information
Provident has received your personal information mainly because you provided it to us, or we have collected it during the course of the application or background process, or through the employment relationship. We may receive a limited amount of personal information from third parties, such as prior employers or service providers who are conducting background investigations for Provident.
Access to Information
Your personal information will only be accessible to respective employees of Provident who, within their job responsibilities, execute the purposes listed previously. External service providers and other third parties who are engaged to assist with the execution of the tasks described in the "Use of Information" section may have access to your personal information (for example, the service provider who executes pre-employment background checks). We may also share your personal information as required to comply with legal or regulatory obligations. We do not sell your personal information.
Information categories
We may process the following categories of personal information, though not all categories may apply to you.
Personal characteristics
  • First name / Initial
  • Middle name / Initial
  • Last name
  • Age
  • Date of birth (full or month/year)
  • Social Security number
  • Gender
  • Birth certificate number
  • Marital status
  • Nationality / Race / Ethnicity
  • Photographs
  • Information about relatives
  • Name of child(ren)
  • Age or gender of child(ren)
  • Other information in relation to child(ren)
Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Home address
  • Home phone number
  • Personal email address
  • Personal cell, mobile or wireless number
  • Work location
  • Job title / description
  • Start date / years of service
  • Previous positions in company
  • Termination details
  • Attendance records
  • Performance evaluations
  • Salary
  • Payment of wages
  • 401(k) loans
  • Benefits
  • Service awards or gifts
  • Insurance details
  • Other employment-related data
Education or training information
  • Degrees or schooling
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Training records
  • Licenses
  • Professional membership
Health information
  • Disabilities
  • Health insurance name
  • Work accidents and injuries
  • Leaves of absence
  • Doctors' notes, including releases and restrictions
Financial-related information
  • Bank account number
  • Income tax-relevant information
  • Credit history or check
  • Company credit card number
  • Company credit cardholder name
  • Company credit card expiration date
  • Company credit card CVV, CVC2, or CID Number
Government-issued identification numbers
  • Federal issued identifier
  • National identity card
  • National / state issued ID number
  • Driver's license number
  • Identification card number
  • Government identifiers for professionals (ex: NMLS number)
  • Passport number
  • Alien registration number
Other sensitive personal information
  • Any required credentials, usernames, security codes, access codes, or passwords
  • Criminal convictions
Mobile device information
  • Identification derived from a unique identifier (e.g., from name, MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI, IC-CID)
  • Mobile device location (current)
  • Mobile device location (past)
  • IP Address
  • Mobile device content (i.e., audio, video, calendar, contracts, messages)
  • Analytics (cookie or similar IDs, geo-location information, profiles)