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Commercial Analysis Fee Schedule
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Effective: March 12, 2021 | Earnings Credit: 0.07%
Account Disclosures
Provident's Commercial Analysis checking is for businesses that frequently use a variety of our bank services. With this account, we measure the services you use against your Earnings Credit based on the balances you keep in your account. We charge you for those services that are not offset by the Earnings Credit.
Accounts used as part of the Commercial Analysis process must be set up in a group. Group accounts will be linked at our sole discretion. An account can only be part of one group.
We assess a monthly maintenance charge to which we add fees for services you use. Please refer to Provident Bank's Schedule of Fees for frequently used services. The designated service charge account will be assessed the difference if the analysis determines that the Earnings Credit is not sufficient to cover the charges. Certain fees may be charged at the time of the transaction against the account on which it occurred.
Earnings Credit provides an opportunity for you to offset your monthly service charge and most service fees by maintaining sufficient balances on deposit. Provident Bank reserves the right to pay a higher rate. The total amount of Earnings Credit will be figured by multiplying the Earnings Credit rate by your average collected monthly balance. If the Earnings Credit is greater than the amount of fees assessed, your service charge will be zero (0). Any remaining Earnings Credit will not carry over to the next month.
Provident Bank reserves the right to determine, at our discretion, whether an account will be eligible for Commercial Analysis and to discontinue the Commercial Analysis service with or without cause or notice except as required by law. We may change this agreement at any time. For example: we may add, delete or amend terms, conditions, and other provisions. Account requires minimum of $500 to open. Additional fees may apply.
Account Maintenance-per month $25
Account Research-per hour $35
ACH Debits-per item $0.20
ATM Deposits No Charge
ATM Withdrawals No Charge
Checks/debits-per item $0.20
    Bagged Coin-per bag
    Boxed Coin-per box
    Rolled Coin-per roll

Collection Item-Domestic
Collection Item-International
    Paid Check-Per Item
    Statement-Per Statement
    All Other Photocopies-Per Page
Courier Service
25% Handling Fee +
Negotiated Rate
Currency & Coin Deposited/Ordered-per $1,000 $1.50
Debit Card Replacement
    Rush Order-Debit Card
Deposits Made-per deposit
Early Closure
Applies To Accounts Closed Within 6 Months Of Opening Date
Fax Service-Per Page $5
FDIC Less Legal Reserve 10% Avg. Collected Balance  
Legal Process
Levy, Attachment, Restraining Order, or other legal process
May Change as Prescribed by Law
$125 + Attorney Fees
Night Drop Annual Fee
Night Drop Key Replacement-Per Key
No Charge
Official Checks
    Cashiers Check-per item
    Money Order-per item
Online Banking
    ACH Origination Service-Per Month
    ACH Origination Service-Per Batch
    ACH Origination-Per Item
    Bill Pay
No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
On-Us Checks Cashed-per item $1.10
    Insufficient Funds-Paid or Returned2
    Uncollected Funds2
    Overdrawn Account Fee

These fees apply to all checking and savings accounts for transactions made by check, in-person, Point of Sale (POS), or other electronic withdrawals.
1 Any transaction of $10.00 or less will not be assessed an Insufficient Funds or Uncollected Funds charge.
2 Per Occurrence
Plastic Bags-per bag $0.30
Provident Check Scan Remote Deposit Service Per Month $75
Returned Check-Deposited Item $15
Stop Payment
Check, Electronic Withdrawal, Renewals, and Bill Payment
Temporary Check-Per Check (Max. of 12 Checks) $2
Transit Items Deposited- per item $0.20
Verification of Deposit $25
Wire Transfer
   Domestic Incoming
   Domestic Outgoing
   International Incoming
   International Outgoing