Loan Application Checklist

Loans Made Easy

  • Bank Statements
         Last two months from all accounts
  • Retirement
      Last two months of retirement/pension, 401(k) and social security 1099 statements
  • Pay Stubs
         Last 30 days
  • Tax Returns
      Last two years of 1040 federal tax return; Last two years of federal corporate and/or partnership tax returns (if self-employed); Last two years of W-2 forms
  • Valid Identification
         Copy of Driver’s license, social security card, passport
  • Earnest Money-Purchase Only
         Verification of funds deposited into escrow
  • Award Letters (if applicable)
         For retirement/pension income, social security, disability income
  • Divorce (if applicable)
         Decree and separation agreement
  • Mortgage Statements (if applicable)
      Property tax bills and homeowners insurance statements for all real estate owned
  • Bankruptcy (if applicable)
         Petition and Discharge

Note: Additional documentation may be required in order to complete the underwiting process.

  1. Don’t apply for new credit of any kind.
  2. Do keep all existing credit card accounts open.
  3. Don’t max out or overcharge existing credit cards.
  4. Do keep your employment within the same company or field of work
  5. Don’t consolidate debt to one or two credit cards.
  6. Do pay off your collections, judgments or tax liens reported within the past year.
  7. Do be prepared to pay off collections if required by underwriting or the loan program guidelines.
  8. Do provide any documentation for satisfied judgments or paid tax liens.
  9. Do stay current on payments for all existing monthly obligations
  10. Do call before making any financial decisions or changes to your normal financial routine. We're here to help you through the process.